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DRAMAtical Murder *Spoiler alert*

So I finished DRAMAtical Murder yesterday night and some endings are so sweet while other things are really weird/kind of traumatic?
In Mink’s route, you are high with lights, so you want to have sex with Mink when actually you don’t want but you force him to rape you using Scrap by mistake? Then, you are basically raping Mink unvoluntarily and without you wanting? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD And then it looks like Mink must have liked it, since he keeps raping you? And you finally come to like him? Like he rapes you but you like him? And even go looking for him after he disappears from Midorijima? HELLO? I was also surprised when in every single route Mink asks these guys to rape you and then you are like all fine with Mink after that. GOOD MORNING?
Then Ren’s ending was somehow sweet but at the same time kind of disturbing. Because Ren is you in the body of an Allmate, so you have sex with him in his human form in your mind but in the real world Ren takes the body of your dead brother so you can be together? Ok, this is really normal, yeah… However, if you get his bad ending it’s similar to the myth of Prometheus since Ren rapes you and eats your body every fucking day of your existence. And that idea wasn’t THAT traumatic, but Aoba’s face in the picture was so horrible OMG How can a fluffy puff of hair transform into that werewolf?
And the most traumatic thing for me was Clear’s bad ending in which he is “fixed” and you are given to him after they are done experimenting on you. So he basically cuts your legs and takes out your eyes so you can’t run away and then he adds something like “I’m going to cut your arms too, because if you had arms, legs and eyes you would think you are free but you aren’t”. And Aoba finally accepts it? Like “since I can’t go anywhere Clear is my world so I’m happy as long as he is happy”. Ok, Aoba, OK? After reading this, seeing Mink cutting your head off or Virus and Trip and their Allmates raping you wasn’t even THAT traumatic.
Anyway, Koujaku’s good ending was really sweet, like he was your best friend since you were children, so it kind of makes sense that they are finally in love and everything. And also the good ending with Clear was so PAIHDSOIHAPFPOAF Because I love sad endings, so when he died I was like “THIS IS TOO BEAUTIFUL TT^TT”, but then he came back with his umbrella and said that perfect “I heard your voice, so I came” and I thought that I was going to die of cuteness overload at that moment. Also Noiz’s good ending was so funny and cute, and I loved when Mio gives a love letter to him but he says that he already has you, it was like awwwwwww.
So what can I say? I hated/loved the game? XDDDDDD

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