» Day 30 - 30 day J-rock challenge

Your favourite J-Rock album

I can’t choose just one, so I think I’ll pick up three that I’ve always considered to be my favourites.
First, I would say Crescent by Gackt. I think I love all the songs in that album, it’s really good TT^TT And it includes Last song, so… XD
I also consider Dead Stock by SID to be really cool. And not only I like the songs but the DVDs as well XD The videos about Cry Max are really funny to watch XDDDD
Lastly, I love NIL by the GazettE. Even if it contains Silly God Disco, which I don’t really like, it includes Bathroom, Taion and D.L.N., and those are one of my favourite GazettE songs XD

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» Day 30 - 30 day manga challenge

Your favorite anime opening/ending theme

Talking about animes, I really like some SID openings. The second opening of Kuroshitsuji, Enamel, is really cool. I also love Ranbu no Melody, which is the 13th opening of Bleach. And Anniversary, the second opening of Magi, is also perfect.
Even if it’s not an anime, it was inspired in the manga, so I guess it counts. The ending of the dorama about Zettai Kareshi is lovely, it’s Okaeri by Ayaka.
Finally, it isn’t an anime either, but a film. I think it really suits the whole movie and the scene is heartbreaking, I could watch it 23904834 times and never grow tired of it XD It’s Michishirube (Tanabe Tsubasa’s version) from the film Ikigami.

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» Day 29 - 30 day J-rock challenge

A J-Rock song you never get tired of

IDK, I’ve already mentioned my favourite songs before, so I guess I would never get tired of hearing those songs XD As simple as that lol

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» Day 29 - 30 day manga challenge

A manga you read that was just plain weird

I don’t think I’ve ever read a manga that I thought that was weird. I mean, since I always read the summary for the mangas I’m interested in… Anyway, I remember that one day I was looking through the “yaoi” tag in mangafox or one of these pages. So I read the summary of a manga that was about a guy who fed himself up by having sex or something like that. I was like WTF????? XDDD I don’t remember the title, though. And this is not a manga, but it was still weird. I was told that the OVA of Papa to kiss in the dark was good (now, I can’t agree with that opinion XD Sorry, fans XD), so I thought I would give it a try. It was a long time ago, so I don’t remember exactly, but the main characters thought that they were father and son and still were in love. But later they discover they are just cousins or uncle and nephew, or something like that XD And they were really happy afterwards like “OMG we were so worried but now we just don’t care” and I was like “that makes no sense, because they are still family and that was what made them worry?” XD It’s illogical XD Anyway, I also have to add that the uke looks like a 12-year-old kid, so it’s kind of disgusting (I like ukes who look like grown up men XD).

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» Day 28 - 30 day J-rock challenge

A J-Rock group you wish would get back together

I think I would choose Heartless or Eat you Alive. I don’t think they are really famous (they didn’t last long, though), but I liked them and, in my opinion, the music was amazing, so… XD

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» Day 28 - 30 day manga challenge

A manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature

Well, it’s not exactly that I think it’s better than any other manga so it should be  considered “literature”, it’s more like they really made a book about it XDDDD I’m talking about Emma. In fact, I didn’t even read the mangas, I just read the novel. But anyway, all mangas are literature, right? I don’t know, they all tell a story, isn’t that literature, then?

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» Day 27 - 30 day J-rock challenge

A J-Rock member that you would like to meet

There are so many J-rockers I would like to meet! I would like to meet Aki (SID), Kenzo (Bvcci Haynes), Uruha (the GazettE), Miyavi, Gackt or Hiroto (Alice Nine), for example. Since they are all friends, can’t I just go to a party and meet them all? XDDDD

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» Day 27 - 30 day manga challenge

A manga you would never buy

I don’t know, there isn’t a manga in particular that I wouldn’t buy. I wouldn’t buy a manga I don’t like, just that XD If I had to say a genre I wouldn’t buy, it would be yuri or hentai, since I have no interest in them. But that doesn’t mean that I will never find a really good story of any of those genres or that I hate them.

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