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Day 5 - 30 day J-rock challenge

Your favorite J-Rock song

This question is really hard to answer, I mean, there are tons of J-rock songs I like, so I’ll pick a few to make it easier XD
Last song used to be my favourite song, but when Gackt released All my love with Yellow Fried Chickenz, I thought that Last song is nothing compared to this one. All my love is pure perfection LOL
Super Hero by MYV is also awesome, I really like the last part, when he starts singing “if my pain is your happiness, then I’ll take it” and so on. It’s really good!
When Alive by Eat you Alive pops up in my phone, I can’t help listening to it over and over again XD I love this song.
Bathroom by the GazettE is one of their best songs. Even if I don’t really like the lyrics, the music and the singing is awesome, it breaks my heart.
In my opinion, even if it’s one of their first songs, Ajisai is one of SID’s masterpieces. The intro and the chorus are really cool and the PV is also beautiful all in black except the butterflies/petals.
Although Vandalize is my favourite album as a whole, I really like Stargazer by alice nine. My favourite part would be when Shou holds that note just before the last chorus.
I guess Versailles is best known for their harder songs, but I think Amorphous has a special beauty. Everyone loved Serenade, but Amorphous has some feeling into it that makes it my favourite ballad.
Finally, it’s true that he has released almost nothing for now, but when I got my Bvcci Haynes “Hello Hello” single I fell in love with Bokura no Katachi. So I’m looking forward to getting Squall and hearing more from KNZ.
OMG, this was longer than expected XDDDDDD

Day 5 - 30 day manga challenge

A manga you would recommend to everyone

Since we are talking about “everyone”, I guess I would choose a one-shot because a 50-volume-series probably isn’t the best thing if you are recommending it to a person that has just started reading manga XD Therefore, I think I would choose Cowa! by Akira Toriyama. It’s not one of my favourite mangas, but it was fun to read and I spent a good time XD Also, I think both boys and girls would like it. Moreover, Cowa! reminded me a bit of Dragon Quest, a game my dad loved, so that makes me think that adults could enjoy this manga, too, so…

Day 4 - 30 day J-rock challenge

The most underrated J-Rock group

Since yesterday I talked about Luna Sea not getting enough recognition among J-rock fans, then I guess it would be Luna Sea XD I know that mostly everyone knows Sugizo, but I get the impression that some people don’t know him as part of Luna Sea, just as a guitarist/singer on his own or as part of X-Japan. Maybe it’s not really like that, but I can’t help feeling this way LOL

Day 4 - 30 day manga challenge

A character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

LOL I had never thought about this before. Well, when I was younger I really liked Kokoro from Baby my love, but I always found her a bit irresponsible or something like that, so I didn’t want to be like her in that aspect XD Maybe I would be a little bit like Clear from DRAMAtical Murder? He is always happy and trying to be nice and protect everyone he loves, so I would like to think that I’m like this, too XD

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